Sunday, October 20, 2013

Happies and Crappies

Things have been a little crazy this past week. My husband was involved in a hit and run car wreck, but I'm so happy that he wasn't seriously injured, and his truck is still drivable.

One major happy is that I got a 92 on my pre-algebra test! Math is my worst subject EVER. Then I started on the next chapter and it's mind blowing hard. That's crappy.

One bright spot in my busy life is the group of girls that I mentor. We had a girls night out last night. My mom and I took them to a new pizza buffet. I love talking with them, and hearing all about school and boys. I've been with this group of amazing girls for 7 years now, and they are like family to me. We used to be a part of a girls organization, and we met every week. Now that they are older, we decided to freestyle it, and just do our own thing. We meet monthly for some dinner and social time.

                            The pizza buffet also had an arcade, and that was super fun for them

Oh, and I got trapped in the bathroom stall, and one of the girls had to rescue me by crawling under the door. It took 2 girls pushing and pulling, but Mrs. Georgia was finally saved!

Thank goodness for cell phones, and that I was able to call them out in the restaurant, or who knows how long I'd been trapped in there alone. haha

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall Fun {Southern Style}

Last Sunday afternoon, we headed to my father in law's hunting club for a day of Fall fun. Hunting season hasn't started in Georgia yet, so we had to place all to ourselves. It was so nice just to get away, and enjoy being outside with the kids.

In Georgia, cotton is harvested in the Fall. Peach and Buddy were totally amazed to see the cotton fields.

Next, Peach got her first driving lesson. She's still years away from getting her license (thank goodness). It was nice to practice, and the smile on her face was priceless. I think I did a good job teaching her. I kept the 'freak outs' to a minimum.
Under the supervision of their Daddy and Pop. The kids got to shoot guns for the first time. We took proper safety precautions. They both took a gun safety course, and they were heavily supervised while shooting.
My husband made sure they had ear protection.

It was just an old clubhouse, and a field of cotton, but man was it fun. It reminded me that the simple things in life can be pretty awesome.
What are the simple things that you enjoy doing?


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Friday, October 4, 2013

Retro Patio Furniture

I've wanted some retro patio furniture for a while now. Once when I was at an antique store,  I found a set of two rusty chairs for $80. I had to pass on them, so I was excited when I spotted this adorable set of patio furniture at Kroger, of all places. The set included retro metal 2 chairs, and a little table. I got them on sale for around 50 bucks. The original color of the chairs was red, so my husband spray painted them hot pink for me. He also sealed them with clear spray paint.

                                                                  The finished product.

My little sweetie likes to do his homework outside now.


                                                        Also a fun place to have a snack.
I'm so happy with the way they turned out.

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